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Product details
Shipping Agency :Serving as a shipping agent since 2010, Yifan  delivers quick and accurate PDAs, prompt communication, efficient dispatch of cargo documents, D/As and vessel, local knowledge on Line-ups/ special requirements. With our experienced staff, your vessel and cargo are safe and quick to go.
Service range:
•Arranging Pilot、tugs、safe wharf and arranging ship’s declaration in port and water areas.
•Cargo’s declaration and arranging loading/ unloading/ stevedorage/ evaluation/ fumigation/ inspection and etc.
•Stowage plan
•Multiple transport and door to door services
•Arranging your spare parts, Posts, Luggage’s custom clearance
•B/L signing, signing charter parties and sales contracts on behalf of the entrusting party
•Arrange salvage and dealing with MSA matters
•Bunkering and water supply services